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A little bit about me


My name is Vanessa and I'm 42 and I live in the Netherlands. As long as I can remember I always   have been fascinated with Sports. Especially wintersports.
In 1991 I saw the WC Hockey on TV and have became crazy about it ever since.
I love to watch the NHL and my favorite Team are the Philadelphia Flyers.
I'm a diehard fan and I don't want to miss a game of them.

 Besides the Flyers I love to watch any game available at the moment.
Hockey has become a very fun   part of my Life and I watch as many games as possible to keep myself updated.

 I have been to a couple of NHL Games. Mainly the NHL Premieres in Europe. 

In November  2009 my dream came true when I went to Los Angeles and saw my Flyers play against the LA Kings. Flyers won 3-2. 
Another fun memory is from October 2010 when I went to Prague to watch the Bruins - Coyotes. I was sitting next to the Coyotes Bench and Jason Labarbera of the Coyotes gave me the game used puck! A friend of mine spotted me on tv and took the screenshot below.

On November the 4th 2012 I met my idol Claude Giroux in Dusseldorf Germany. I got his autograph and a pic taken with me and him!

 Since 2005 I'm working with Photoshop. I love making Graphics.
From Fantasy to Sports. I have created many, many works. Wallpapers, Banners, Avatars, Gifs.  The last couple of years I  made so many Hockey Graphics I decided to gather them all and create a Website about my Work.  So you only find my Hockey Work on here. 

All I have to say is take a look around and enjoy!  You are allowed to download the Wallpapers etc for personal use but you are not allowed to distribute them and claim them  as your own.  Feel free to sign my guestbook and leave me some feedback. 


                                                    ~ Vanessa, Site Owner~