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Recently I have been working on some changes on my Site. It took me a little while but hopefully it will be worth it.  One of the changes I made is the removal of some things that weren't relevant to this Site. The information about the NHL is something that you can find on wikipedia or on the NHL website. My Site will be about Graphics only.

Another change I made is my artwork. I added my name in every artwork I created because I found my work floating around the internet and offered on free Wallpaper Sites without giving me credit or even asking permission. If this is the way it goes I have to take precautions.  So from now on you won't find my artwork unsigned.

As you might remember  I used to post newest  additions on the main page. I will do this again. Both for Galleries and single Wallpapers. That way it is easier for me to keep track on what I added and won't get confused what was added the last time and what was not.

Please don't add this Site to contest things. I don't care if it is worth money or not. I only want to post this for myself to keep my work in one place. I noticed some ratings and I find it very silly. Because all the work I put into my Graphics can't be calculated into money. This is just for fun and joy and I want to keep it that way!

Single Wallpapers:

Viktor Fasth                                              P.K Subban


  Olli Määttä                                          Joe Pavelski


                    Anze Kopitar                                          Pekka Rinne


         Vladimir Tarasenko                                     Patric Hornqvist


New added Galleries:

                    Pavel Datsyuk                                           Steve Yzerman


                      Jonathan Toews                                      Rick Nash

                                      More coming up soon!